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Perhaps, The Grinch Is Your Most Important Teacher

Perhaps, The Grinch Is Your Most Important Teacher

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Perhaps, The Grinch Is Your Most Important Teacher.

The holidays are here and who here has experienced being around a chronically negative, skeptical and judgmental person? Most of us at one time or another.  These people suck the life and joy out of you and themselves. We all can be judgmental and skeptical but when it becomes chronic because we just don’t like someone we need to take a good long look at ourselves and ask, “How am I contributing to the situation.” Chronically negative energy depletes relationships pushing people and opportunity away. They think they are smart, in control, and feel good for milliseconds after their zinger. Then, they walk away lonely with little respect from anyone. Who wants to interact with a grinch?

Another form of it is the Insecure Grinch!  The person who constantly talks about how wonderful they are and their accomplishments can have the same effect on folks as being negative. Ego takes over and it comes across as needy and lacking in confidence.

Your reaction sets the stage for how you allow this behavior to affect you. YOU are in control of your emotions even though it’s hard at times. Send the grinch love and forgiveness. Avoid speaking negatively and focusing on their bad behavior with others because it gives attention to what you don’t want – spreading more negativity (there is a time and place to vent).

Instead, stand in your power and truth and become the care bearer of love, appreciation and gratitude. Keep your positive vibes high, make the necessary changes to feel good inside by breathing deeply and mentally thanking the person for helping you see and appreciate the good things in life.

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