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Intuitive Leadership

Intuitive Leadership

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Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader!

Helping you to break out of your shell and bring out your “Intuitive Leader.”

Why is this important?

Intuitive Leadership encompasses all parts of the person who chooses to lead others. This person masters change quickly,  tunes in and listens on many levels, and works with this information in a practical, logical and emotional manner. This skill allows the Intuitive Leader to lead others daily in their quest for success

Who is an Intuitive Leader? There are four basic styles of leaders….

  1. Danny Directors: These folks love Change! Results and getting the job done are their focus. They often make decisions without having all the facts and tend to focus on tasks first and people second. They are practical, logical and tend to move at mach speed leaving others in the dust. Being in control is key for them and can be quick to anger when things don’t go their way.
  2. Izzy Socializer: These high energy and talkative cheerleaders enjoy change and love putting people first and tasks second. They are great motivators and quite engaging, promise the moon have tend to lack follow-through. Their need to be liked and the center of attention are their drivers. Managers do well to identify and tap the Izzy’s in their organization as they may have a strong pulse on what is going on in the workplace. At a party you can easily identify Izzys as they tend to be the center of attention.
  3. Sam Empathizer: The Sam’s of the world intensely dislike change! These folks prefer to stay in the background and let others take charge. Change can be the enemy though once comfortable with the idea they are brilliant at leading and serving others with care and compassion. Of all four styles they are the best at merging tasks and people. These people pleasers need to learn how to say “no” and create boundaries to help them stay healthy since they tend to say “yes” to everything thus running themselves down.
  4. Conrad Analyzer: These detailed focused people appreciate change only if it’s slow and controlled! Details, details and more details are their mantra! They are task focused like the Danny’s though slow paced and methodical. They tend to be skeptical and pessimistic asking powerful questions that make others think. Their perfectionistic tendencies can get in the way of forward movement and create stress for themselves and others.

And now the fifth style of leadership – the Intuitive Leader. This person can be any of the above styles who works on all cylinders. They have the gift of being able to work easily with tasks and people because they listen to everything, trust what they feel, work from their heart with logic and practicality. They are masters of merging the logical, practical and intuitive.

Let’s take a look at how Intuitive Leaders evolve by working with and integrating the S.P.E.C.I.A.L.I.S.T System.™

  1. Social – Intuitive leaders know being social is a necessary part of the human experience.
  2. Practical – Intuitive leaders engage level-headedness and efficiency
  3. Emotional Energy –Intuitive leaders understand that everything is made of energy. Emotions are based on perceptions and influence our positive or negative energy, also known as vibrations.
  4. Conscious – Intuitive leaders are engaged, focused, tuned in, and understand all is connected. Awareness and mindfulness of what is happening in the present moment feeds the mind, heart and soul and offers information on multi-dimensional levels.
  5. Intuition  – Intuitive leaders use their “internal GPS system” and guidance received from audio, visual, sensing, or just a knowingness. They tap into the spirit of all that they do.
  6. Authentic – Intuitive leaders are the real deal. A person who presents themselves as who they are.  No games found here!
  7. Logical  – Intuitive leaders use reason and understanding to make great decisions.
  8. Influential – Intuitive leaders have the wonderful ability to guide others from the heart. Leaders who work deeply at this level use “T.H.R.I.L.L. Leadership™ when interacting with others; Trust, Honor, Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, Love of Fellow Man
  9. Spiritual – Intuitive leaders know it’s important to connect with heart outside of oneself to something/someone – the Universe.
  10. Trust  – Intuitive leaders trust and believe what comes to them and take action on the nudges that comes.

Imagine working with a leader who integrates and understands behavior styles and the values of the SPECIALIST System. The workplace culture would be compassionate and productive.

Terry Wildemann

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