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Making a Difference – My Way!

Making a Difference – My Way!

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Recently I was asked, “Why do you not stand up and renounce what is going on in the world?” Why do you write pollyanna stuff and hide from the world by not commenting? (I’m not hiding believe me!) Because…

Yes, I read the negative stuff that’s out there to stay current, however, it does not mean I need to comment on it or own it. There are enough folks spreading the hate from all directions and it’s not necessary for me to go there, nor do I want to. I’m not meant to.

Law of Attraction 101 – what you focus on persists.

To exist, everything has contrast, an opposite, and I choose to focus on positivity over it’s opposite of negativity – and if I’m a Pollyanna it’s a wonderful thing. However, those who know me have seen me kick ass (physically and emotionally) and I am a very direct no-nonsense coach who does not waste time and calls it as I see it. Don’t mess with me. You want to really grow your business and change your part of the world? Then I’m your coach and speaker because my intuitive gifts, healing skillsets and seasoned business experience runs deep and that’s why I teach leaders how to use their intuition and increase resilience to shift and see things from a 360 perspective.

Understanding how LOA works I choose to focus on love, gratitude, appreciation and teaching business leaders and entrepreneurs to be the best version of themselves. I teach them how to positively influence and nurture their teams, co-workers, employees, friends and loved ones and make a true difference in society by raising positive vibrations and creating a ripple effect of positivity that touches as many people as possible. Doesn’t that feel better than spreading the low vibrations of hate and negative drama? It’s soul sucking and we deserve better.

My Facebook page and website are about comfort for those who are weary of the hate rhetoric and offers hope, insight, positive perspective and elevating the energy of leaders in the workplace, business and in life. Imagine what would happen if we all raised our vibes to more positive ones daily, just turn the dial a little bit more every day. We would feel better and better and better and influence others powerfully.
Leave your negative hateful emotions and drama at the door and lock it tight. Bring your positive emotions, insights and knowledge with you to innovate, find soulutions, make great decisions, learn, grow and be your best as we elevate humanity.

Together, let’s make a difference.

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