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My Car is Totaled – NOW WHAT!

My Car is Totaled – NOW WHAT!

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I believe in Law Of Attraction 100%! Yes, this practical person believes….. So much happened in my life that could not be explained that I studied and studied. For years I have been teaching Magnetic Business Attraction™ to professionals and leaders at my Winds of Change Leadership Center and in my current business, Intuitive Leadership®.

When I look at the things I attracted by setting goals and intention, trusting, believing and listening to intuition followed by taking inspired action, it blows my mind at what has landed in my lap…my house, car, winning a mini Ipad at a conference, and so much more! Imagine being a leader and guiding your team to be incredibly clear on what goals to go after and manifesting what is needed to easily accomplish those goals!  One of several Magnetic Business Attraction tools, The Results Alignment Model (RAM), shows how it works. 

Perception + Feelings + Words +Thoughts = Results = Insights and it starts all over again instantly.

Magnetic Business Attraction™ is all about understanding what steps to take followed by allowing and trusting in your intuition and the mystery, randomness and clarity about manifesting our desires.  When “shit happens” it’s about our perception and reaction to it that will make a situation better or worse. The best way to explain the concept is with this story.

My Car Is Totaled – NOW WHAT! 

Several years ago we made the decision to put a new transmission in our beloved mini-van after it got stuck in first gear. It was just a matter of time for it to happen! That car took such good care of our family I wanted to give it more life since our daughter was in college and it was the best financial decision for us.

My hubby left the house on a Thursday to take the car into the shop and moments later I got a call. “Terry, walk up to the top of the driveway. We don’t need a new transmission anymore. We need a whole new car!” Huh? When I looked at my massively totaled car it was obvious the “random face of God” touched us. If my husband had pulled out a second later he would have been gone. As the police officer said, it was a miracle no one got hurt. What a mess!

So, out came my trusty Magnetic Business Attraction Clarity Worksheet and I determined what I didn’t want in a car, which lead me to what I did want in terms of color, price, mileage, etc. All weekend I researched used and new mini-vans and visited Honda and Toyota dealerships to attract my “new” car with clear desire and attention. I trusted my intuition to guide me on what to do and how to do it.

Monday, I took my hubster to the airport. As he got out of the car I said I wanted a gray car with a sun roof. On my way home images in my mind and a feeling to stop by a specific dealership group kept creeping into my awareness. It was quite laughable since they were all high end cars in that dealership: Porsche, Lexus, etc. No Honda or Toyota. However I listened and trusted (mystery and randomness) and drove around the lots. Imagine my shock when before me was a red Toyota Sienna and grey Honda Odyssey on the Lexus lot! I have to admit my brain was a bit scrambled.

The Lexus salesperson humored me thinking I was nuts since he had no idea that those two cars were on the lot. We took a walk to visit the cars and was he ever dumbfounded when he laid eyes on those two vehicles.  The Odyssey was parked at the back of the building against the curb. I opened the door and on the floor was a child’s drawing from a coloring book. I smiled and had a feeling things were going to get juicy! The salesperson found out that the Sienna was a loaner employee car and the Honda was a trade in from the night before. Imagine that.

Next came the test drive….yep… the Honda was grey with a sunroof and drove like a dream. The salesman kept pushing me to test drive a Lexus. “No thanks” I said over and over. He handed me his business card with a price on and it was obvious he didn’t know what he had.  My hubster was on an airplane to the West Coast and there was not much I could do except trust that it would be there when he returned on a Friday. There was a comfort and knowingness it would be there and all would be well.

As planned, the hubster stopped at the dealership on his way back from the airport on Friday afternoon and the car was still there. He took a test drive and bought the car on the spot at the quoted price. Saturday morning we got a call, ‘Mr. Wildemann, we have a problem. We quoted you our cost. Would you be willing to pay $500 over the price we gave you?” And we did. Got a 2009 used #HondaOdyssey with low mileage for thousands under Blue Book, at the price I wrote down when I started my search, because I followed the steps, allowed, and trusted my intuition to go to the Lexus dealership. If I had listened to my practical and logical mind it would have never happened! And every time I put my hands on the steering wheel I celebrate.

The randomness and mystery of the Universe created a fantabulous result because I trusted, believed and integrated my practical wisdom with my Shiftology™ Tools. It’s so much fun to play with the Universe to manifest my desires! Sometimes it comes to fruition differently than what I expected but in those situations the outcomes are more powerful and much better! Using these practices improved my health, fulfilled my intention of having a family against all odds, and so much more. The moment it’s about control – things get hard for me.

And my ongoing life lesson is to walk my talk, stay in flow using my Shiftology™ Tools and allow and enjoy the mystery and randomness to emerge.

Working with leaders who get it that intuition is not fluff, it’s real, dynamic, powerful and when integrated with logic and practicality, allows us to make decisions, innovate and do more than we ever thought possible.

Terry Wildemann

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