How I Attracted My House With The Law of Attraction

How I Attracted My House With The Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction (LOA) has been around for ages. Every generation, new teachers come and deliver it’s message in whatever medium is appropriate for that time. In this last decade the movie and book, “The Secret”, opened to door to understanding this powerful law. It provided lots of information that created awareness for the masses of how to attract those things you want in your life, business and career.

One thing the movie and book could have done better was to teach us how to work with LOA. Many people felt that if you sat on the couch and envisioned what you wanted it would all come on a silver platter. Well, it takes a bit more than that! Visualization is a wonderful thing however, there are steps to be taken, language to shift, vibrations to adjust and a whole lot more to manifesting. The key to manifesting your desires is opposite of the couch potato approach – it’s inspired action. More about that in future posts.

Unbeknownst to me, LOA has played a huge role in my life. The one thing I clearly learned is that you gain control when you give up control. Let me share with you how I attracted my house.

When the Navy brought us to Newport, RI area in the mid 90’s we rented a house for 3 years. In our 3rd year we decided to retire from the Navy and make this beautiful place our permanent residence. Time to look for a house.

Having moved 12 times in 10 years allowed me to live in and experience what I wanted in my permanent home. My list was clear as day – and I said it over and over and over. All I focused on was what I wanted. I envisioned it, felt it and saw myself living in it.

Here’s how clear my list was for the main items:
• 4 bedroom house with office and one of the bedrooms had an in-suite bath extra bath for guests OR 5 bedroom with one bedroom used as an office and another with in suite bath for guests.
• living and dining room on same side of house
• kitchen and den on same side of house – den had a step down into it with a berber carpet (love that look)
• deck
• landscaped property
• master bedroom had big bathroom and closet (I was tired of stuffing everything into a 2×3 closet!)
• a window seat somewhere in the house
• finished basement for the kids to play in
• garage doors were on the side of the house instead of the facing front
• back of the house faced south for all day sun
• house was in a nice neighborhood without a homeowners association in Middletown, RI

Now for the little wish list:
• wooden swing set for the kids
• hammock between 2 trees
• shelving in the basement for storage
• extra frig in the basement for my hubby’s libations
• fireplace

My real estate agent, a military wife herself, chuckled at my list. She rolled up her sleeves and away we went. We looked at so many houses that came close but that feeling of “this is my house” was not there. Drove my hubby crazy!!!

At the same time that we were house hunting I was also writing a book and in the process of adopting our third child. Yes, lunacy ruled in those days! The stress levels were over the top because I was trying to control it all because
I had no clue how to focus, chill, relax and allow. We were on a deadline! The landlord wanted us to make a decision on whether or not we were going to rent again. With anger and frustration these sad words came out of my mouth to my husband, “Let’s just rent again for one year. I’m tired, exhausted and can’t take anymore!” He agreed though with a heavy heart. We wanted our own home.

Then magic happened because we gave up control and allowed.

The next day there was a house in the newspaper was not there before. (I knew them all!) The description met my criteria and in a flash my agent was on the phone with me and I said “Make the appointment to see this house!”  The computer gave me the address and as I rounded the corner onto the street where this house was I heard someone shout the words “That’s it!” in the car. It was so loud for a moment I lost control of the car. It really freaked me out and to this day have no clue where those words came from. Once I gained my composure, I looked at the house in front of me. It was in the neighborhood we loved, fully landscaped, private, and it was mine. How many times have we driven this neighborhood and never seen this house?

A friend lived down the street and she happened to be outside. After we greeted one another I asked her who lived in the house at the end of the street. Her words shocked me – my dentist who I was going to see in 2 days! Hmmmmm! Now that was interesting!

The first walk through could not come fast enough. While getting dressing, it dawned on me that I was taking as much care with my clothes and makeup as if I was going on a date with my hubby. We were meeting our house for the first time and we walked in the door the pen went crazy checking things off my list. The energy was magnetic!

Well, there were checks next to EVERYTHING except the south facing back yard. Did I understand what had happened? NO! Not until “The Secret” came out did it become obvious that my clarity, belief, and vibrations had all aligned themselves to give me the house I wanted.

It’s been 12 years that we have been in this great house. It’s lessons are huge and it continues to teach me something new everyday.

So, do I believe and work with the Law of Attraction? Every single day. Become clear on what you want, visualize it as if it’s already yours and believe it will come to you. Now, get out of the way!

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