Networking Power in a Little Nametag

Networking Power in a Little Nametag

December 18th, 2011 // 12:47 pm @

You have attended several networking events where you met really interesting people. Geez, what was the name of the guy who did the printing? What was the name of the HR consultant? Sound familiar?

Remembering names of those we meet can be a challenge especially when you’re an avid networker. We can assist ourselves, and others, to easily remember names by simply wearing nametags. Now, people have said to me, “I hate wearing tags. I know who I am.” Well folks, when networking, it’s not about you. It’s about helping others and creating strong relationships. Wearing nametags at events assists others to easily find you, remember you and vice versa. Something so simple can really make a big difference when first meeting someone and here’s why:

1. Since we read from left to right in this country, wearing the tag on the right side of your chest allows others to easily see and read your name. They don’t have to search across your chest to find the tag! At this point you tap into the sense of sight.

2. Your handshake taps into the sense of touch. Offering a properly firm handshake with the right hand allows the arm to act as a beacon to the nametag taking the “readers” eye right to the tag and naturally up to the face to make eye –to- eye contact.

3. When we introduce ourselves by saying our name clearly, listening to and repeating back the “readers” name, the verbal and auditory senses are introduced into the equation.

4. Add the sense of intuition into the networking formula and your initial connections can lead to all kinds of inviting places creating lifelong clients and friends.

5. If you plan to network on a consistent basis invest into at least two magnetic nametags, which gives you a spare. They give you an aura of professionalism that leaves paper nametags in the dust. I keep mine in a plastic zip bag in the glove compartment of my car or brief case so that they are always with me. Tags with a magnetic backing are much kinder to your wardrobe vs. those with pins that put holes into clothing. Beware though! Magnetic tags can come off easily when removing or putting on a coat. When creating your tag use fonts that are easy to read, and in different colors to match your wardrobe. Some metal tags look fancy though can be hard to read in certain lighting. I prefer plastic because of the plethora of shapes and color combinations that are available. Your local stationery store can assist you in creating your perfect nametag.

So remember, tag on the right side + firm handshake + eye-to-eye contact + strong introduction + intuition = memorable first impression. And who would have thought a little nametag has so much to offer!

Terry Wildemann, CEC, CPCC
Heart Centered Success

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