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Is It Really Possible…

That One Business Acceleration Session
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The following intense short 1-1 coaching sessions clear and
lift the mental and emotional fog caused by overwhelm and negative stress.
Each session offers you insights towards a re-energized and re-focused YOU!


It’s time to

Stop The Chaos!

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1. Stress Resilience Session


Are you running around in circles, unfocused, unable to make decisions, angry, tense and suffering from poor health? Ready to get off the hamster wheel and spring back from the brink of burnout?

In this one to one session learn quick coping strategies to increase resiliency resulting in positive shifts in your  business, career and life.

Includes 1 coaching session and Stressmaster Profile Stress Kit



2. Positive Communications Session


  • Are you challenged by a workplace relationship?
  • Do you say one thing yet the folks you interact with hear something different?
  • Do you give instructions to your employees and they give the “deer in the headlights” expression?
  • Are you a manager and question why your employees don’t do what you ask them to do?

This session offers you clarity and strategies to deliver your message with the impact to positively influence others and improve performance

Includes1 coaching session and DISC behavioral profile and personalized report.



3. Wealth Creation Session 


  • Are you an entrepreneur constantly wondering where your next client is coming from?
  • Does debt constantly plague you?
  • Are you unclear on how to attract your wealth?

This session helps you discover the source of your wealth sabotage and offers clear strategies to attract your ideal clients and support team.

Includes1 coaching session and the Wealth Dynamic Profile.



4. Mindset Shift Coaching Session 


Our hidden emotions  love to sabotage our dreams by getting in the way of our realizing the deep burning desires we want in business and life.  Terry will help you uncover the blocks and together you will dissolve those pesky critters.

Includes 1 coaching session and Shiftology™ emotion dissolving tools. 



Why should I trust Terry ?

Terry Wildemann understands entrepreneurial overwhelm! In fact, she burned out several times in her climb to success. This led her to research and learn the best methods to heal herself and increase resiliency so she could support her clients in their mission. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs and professionals evolve into unstoppable intuitive leaders, Terry’s training and coaching shifts and elevates her students and clients to the next level.


We work closely with you and your teams to create the focus and clarity needed to achieve project and business goals.