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Are You Terrified of Sharing Your Intuitive Gifts In Your Business and Career?

Are You Terrified of Sharing Your Intuitive Gifts In Your Business and Career?

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Are you a leader who is fearful of sharing your intuitive gifts with the world because you will be labeled as weird, different, strange, not taken seriously, ostracized, kept on the periphery by those around you, made fun of? OR Will you be accepted with open arms, valued as a team player for your gifts, accepted and able to shine in business and life as an amazing leader because of the intuitive wisdom that flows through your veins?

I understand and feel the frustration and fear of being intuitive. While writing my intuitive leadership book, fear kept choking me, and my imagination went wild. And here’s the message that came after finishing the manuscript and pressing the send button …. WE ALL have intuition and, if people freak out because I use my God given gifts, one of two things will happen.

1. They choose to join me and learn how to lead well by honoring and using their own gifts to grow their people, business, career, and themselves as a leader.

2. They run away because it’s something different and they lose out on the beauty of their own gifts. I’m not meant to be their teacher… they are not a part of my tribe!


Every one of us has intuitive gifts and we can choose to play big and use them every day, or play small, run away and continue being invisible.

It’s about choices on this long ride. Many of the fears are from past lives and inherited from our environment and “influential” others who valued false safety over innovation, growth, creativity, and evolvement. It’s time for those of us being called to action to release those fears, choose to let go of invisibility and instead, become visible to attract who we are meant to influence and serve with love and respect. It’s time we become fully present with all of our glorious gifts and let go of those who “freak.” It’s their problem – not ours.

Stand in your glorious power my friend. You are a magnificent intuitive leader!

Terry Wildemann

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