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Bringing back stressed leaders and professionals from the brink of burnout!

Lexis Johnson
Transformational Visionary Leader at Pretty Published Powerful MasterMind

Terry Wildemann took me from a heap of rubble of emotional grief and disarray and organized my mind! Her unique yet compassionate and caring style raised me up from “poor little ol’ me” back to my own amazing self… I cannot recommend Terry enough. I was feeling distraught, anxious and frustrated and as if I had no support system anywhere that I could turn to after my mom, my hubby (best friend of 36 years), best friend of 25 years all passed away within a short time of each other… and the recession and a car accident left me wandering through the ‘dark night of the soul’… Terry was there for me when I needed her most. She allowed me a brief opportunity to feel sorry for myself… then kicked my mental butt in gear, while supporting my greatness… and helped me not only get back on track… but onto the highest track available to me at that time…. and the rest… is history, as they say.

I teach Law of Attraction myself… so you’d think I’d know what to do for myself… yet Terry’s approach was both effective and completely, individual-specific to ME! And…. at no time did I ever feel like “poor little ol’ me” after talking to Terry. Her business sense, intuitive abilities, compassion, and talents, combined with her vast education completely put me back on the tracks after my emotional derailment…. I cannot emphasize enough what a dear friend she has become because of our interactions.

Tracy Spates –
Partner at CAVU Health

I’ve known Terry for quite some time now and just recently had the opportunity to have some one-on-one coaching from her. Our session was spot on, she really helped me gain more clarity and focus on some very specific items that were troubling me. Her guidance will definitely help me take my business to the next level! Terry has a very unique skillset which allows her to merge the practical & spiritual -she meets her clients at the level they are at, and guides them to the level they want to be.
I highly recommend Terry as a coach, speaker, mentor

Abby Rodman
Psychotherapist/Author/Huffington Post Blogger

Terry’s enthusiasm was evident the moment I connected with her. She gave me excellent advice regarding a collaborative project I was considering but also offered valuable insight into what I’d been struggling with professionally. Terry is a quick study and her laser-sharp observations were tremendously helpful. Highly recommend!

Melanie McGinn
Hospice and Palliative Care Director at Hospice at VNS of Newport and Bristol Counties

I have had the good fortune to attend two of Terry’s presentations in the past. Her positive energy is infectious! I came away from both presentations with new skills that have impacted my life and work in very positive ways. What she teaches is powerful stuff that I use daily to effect improved productivity in my work and improve my overall well being. When I needed to find a speaker for my own staff Terry immediately came to mind. Her presentations are interactive, interesting and she provides practical tools that are effective long after the presentation is over. My staff came away from the presentation feeling energized and confident that they had learned some concrete information they could apply to improve their work and personal lives.

Jeanne Sullivan Evans
Owner of Digital Outdoor Advertising “Promotion With Motion”

All I can say is I wish Terry could sit by me all day and “work her magic”. I have always felt confident and sure-footed, successful and accomplished. After spending a full day in her workshop of peeling back the layers and reaching through emotional barriers I revealed to myself how much more I was capable of. Terry helps you De-tox and De-Clutter the barriers that hold the reigns to success. After several hours in the ring, I felt like a training horse that had her ankle weights removed. I was a long -shot but ready for the race! The prize is a better organized and goal oriented person!

From the moment you meet her, Terry offers that crisp exuberant attitude that whispers loudly ” today you will be empowered”. Within the first 5 minutes of her self introduction she was sitting down and reeled back with enthusiasm and clicked her heels in mid air! The image of a Leprechaun comes to mind! I decided her class was a box of “Lucky Charms”. Sweetness in every bite! But Instead of “hearts, moon, stars and clovers” you receive a spoonfuls of “practical, tactical, emotional and spiritual” nourishment! Her warmth and guidance is abundant. People gravitate to her.

Terry shares a wealth of knowledge, experience from the field, and amazing life stories to enrich you. Her exercises for goal setting force you to think broadly and end very specific! She possesses a unique remedy for physical and emotional distress and shares the process known as EFT. It works. I witnessed a fellow participant go from physically ill and anxious to a settling calm. By the time the skill building workshop ends, you have a tangible recipe for success! I have a renewed can-do attitude deep inside. It’s not a boisterous “cheerleader” but a quiet voice directing me forward, propelling me to my goal and settling for nothing but my best effort. I truly believe I have gained an awareness of myself, for myself!