Intuitive Leadership® | The Judgement Game; Do You REALLY Have Your Facts Right Before Posting On Social Media?
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The Judgement Game; Do You REALLY Have Your Facts Right Before Posting On Social Media?

The Judgement Game; Do You REALLY Have Your Facts Right Before Posting On Social Media?

Teachable Moment:

As humans we judge – positively and negatively. It’s important to be very careful and avoid negatively judging others without having all of the facts. You risk making yourself look foolish when claims are made and the facts point differently. This is in regards to anything!

Please, avoid making judgements about what a person knows, or does not know, based on a social media post. Check that a post was not taken out of context because so much fake stuff is floating out there! Just a bit ago, a colleague mentioned that they are at a networking event where an attorney stood on stage and created a fake twitter post using an app that attached the message he created to look like it came from the president’s twitter handle. Yep, fake news at it’s best!

People have many layers and insulting others without knowing anything about them, or whether the post is fact, makes the judger look foolish.

In a recent post on my Facebook page someone got rude, used foul language, called me a fool and unfriended me. Afterwards, in a private message (PM), they told me they lost all respect for me and I know nothing about the real world because they served as a United States Marine. Thanks for your service, Marine, but …. Wow…

I may not have been in combat but here are the MY facts….

1. I’m happily married to the love of my life for 30 years and counting – a Naval Officer, retired after 25 years of service, who is still contributing.
2. Mom to a Naval Officer
3. Sponsor mom to over 80 Naval Academy Prep School (NAPS) students,
4. Trained over 11,000 military personnel transitioning to civilian life
5. Taught leadership for Navy spouses…
6. on and on

My military family is proud to serve our country.

PS: As a speaker/business coach/speaker, I walk my talk. Between my 7 year career In law enforcement, 40 years in business, and as business woman who became a holistic practitioner to heal myself of burnout and illness, I share my knowledge and skillsets with love to those entrepreneurs and business folks who want to hear my message of Intuitive Leadership®.

Yes, unlike what my detractor believes, I know a little bit about the real world and continue to learn every day. I stay grounded and as neutral as possible with love, LIGHT, and a posse of Ascended Masters and Angels who are my Enchanted Boardroom. My very powerful team stands behind me, and within me, as I choose to only be in the energy of what feels good and guide those who seek my help.

My advice: Stop believing all that is posted in social media, choose to feel good, focus on the positive in YOUR world, and serve humanity with love. Your business will thrive!

To your success!

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