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Five Star Service Using the Waterfall Effect.

Five Star Service Using the Waterfall Effect.

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While waiting in the doctor waiting room for eye surgery this week my phone lit up with one of those wonderful text messages from my credit card company asking, “Did you spend $400 for blah, blah, blah?” Nope…. I did not! It’s happened before, I know the drill of what to do, yadda, yadda, yadda. Out of the waiting room I go to make a quick call to my credit card company, determine if it got hacked, and close the account if needed. Of course it had to be my business card and yes the account had to be closed. Hmmmmmmm. (Checking in on law of attraction vibes – what’s up with this nonsense?)

Naturally, all of the online bills associated with that card are coming in during the same 72 hours of the hacking. I could get really upset but ya know – there’s nothing I can do about it at the moment! Just sit and wait for the new card to arrive and wait for my eye to heal. My patience is being tested.

Today, I explained the situation to my online scheduling vendor, AquityScheduling. Their response brought me to tears…you see, they did something I do for others and it was so nice to experience for myself… They understood the frustration of this kind of thing and worked with me in the most loving, caring way imaginable. What they did for me was so unexpected and they went beyond the extra mile. For them it’s about the person…not the money. They have me as a customer forever!

Of course it emulates my Waterfall Effect Customer Service Model – the employees are treated with trust and respect and are empowered to care for and make life happy for their customers. It’s a waterfall of kindness that flows into other wonderful things.

Superior #customer service that starts with heart-centered owners who influence employees makes your business shine… and influences your customers to write supportive articles about your company.

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