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Zap Holiday Stress! Stop Your Tinsel From Tangling And Enjoy The Holidays

Zap Holiday Stress! Stop Your Tinsel From Tangling And Enjoy The Holidays

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Zap Holiday Stress!

This is a time of year where our “tinsel” gets tangled and can make the holidays a challenging time for leaders, entrepreneurs and frankly, anyone! Stress rules the day as we go, go, go and take precious little time for ourselves.  Self care is critical at this time of year and the more you listen to your Intuitive Inner Guidance System, the more relaxed and in control you will fell. Bottom line, YOU need to make this choice to take control of your life with preparation and tuning in to what is important to do and what you can let go of. The more stress resilient you are, the healthier you are, and the more you can enjoy life, family, your work and….drum roll…..the holidays.

Below is a holiday list planning guide and short stress meditation to help you make the upcoming holiday season special!

Quick Shift Holiday Meditation by Terry Wildemann

  1. SETUP: Shift attention to your chest area.
  2. BREATHE: Place your hand over your heart area. Imagine your hand acting like an air pump guiding each deep breath in and out of your hand. Relax your body with each breath.
  3. VISUALIZE: Imagine your holiday gatherings as you would like for them to be. Feel it, hear it, sense it, see it in your mind’s eye. Own the entire experience. You may say, “I don’t know how to visualize.” If that is the case, what comes to mind when you read the words “christmas tree?”  The impression you “see” is how you visualize. This is what you work with.
    • CHOOSE to see yourself calm, centered, grounded.
    • CHOOSE to have everything fall into place. If something goes differently than expected, allow it in with grace and ease as it probably means something better is coming.
    • CHOOSE to delegate instead of doing it all yourself – we are our own worst enemy because we want things PERFECT – nix that idea folks right now… your perfection tendencies creates more stress for everyone and feelings of EXCLUSION instead of INCLUSION. Instead choose EXCELLENCE which allows freedom and flexibility. There is none with perfection.
  1. ASK: Work with Practical Law of Attraction by using intention and ASKing the UNIVERSE, and others, for what you want help with. Then get out of the way and allow things to fall into place and flow.
  2. ASK for help. (Stop playing martyr, which many of us do, thinking that we need to do it all) Establish your boundaries and do what feels right to you and let go of misplaced guilt.
  3. CHOOSE to enjoy the season, be healthy and let go of others opinions. Be true to you!

Holiday List Planning

You may say, “I’m not a list writer!” I’m asking you to give this segment a chance. Take a look at the LIST below and then you will see how keeping all of this stuff in your head creates so much of your stress because it’s just too much! Studies show that writing things down help you function and focus.


In a small journal, that fits in your pocket or bag, write down things as they come to you.  If you are a techie type person download a list app where you can type or dictate  into your phone or device. The key is to keep it close and handy.

Believe me, this little act of writing or dictating will drop your stress levels significantly since you are seeing or hearing what to do instead of wasting energy on trying to remember everything which is exhausting. Trying to remember too much actually makes you forget things because the brain can only handle so much at the same time. Studies show the brain can remember only 7 + or – things at one time. Other studies show that multitasking reduces efficiency and focus thus taking long to do things instead of saving time.


Imagine each item in each list being pulled from your brain and placed onto the paper or your app creating more and more relaxation and ease. The chaos in your brain will begin to calm. Personally, I use excel sheets to help with this or an app on my phone to write in the moment. When you read the below you may be asking yourself how you kept this straight in your head! (HINT: you didn’t)

Type of lists to create:

  1. MENU LIST– Write each course of what your ideal feast looks like. HINT: You don’t need to cook the entire meal yourself and you honor others when you ALLOW them to contribute to the menu.
  2. INGREDIENT LIST– This is your food shopping list.
  3. DECORATION LIST– Centerpieces, napkin holders, candles, flowers, etc. tree decorating, house decorating (in and out). Pull out a calendar and schedule it as a task.
  4. GIFT LIST – Write your budget amount at the top.  Next list the name of each person you giving a gift to and the amount you expect to spend per person. Add the buying, creating (for homemade gifts) and wrapping to your Schedule List.
  5. SCHEDULE LIST – on a calendar or planner schedule what tasks will be done on what day.  EG: Some folks set the table several days before – Some the day of the gathering. The key is to get it on the calendar.
  6. DELEGATION LIST – Who is bringing food to holiday events? Who is doing what task? DELEGATE as much as you can. Get others involved. Schedule when the task is to be complete on the calendar.NOTE: If you are the one who tends to do it all year in and year out you can remember you are not helping yourself or others who may want to be more engaged. Try this “game.” Put the tasks on pieces of paper into a hat and have family members pull them out. The tasks can be traded among members afterwards. Have a sheet written with the tasks listed out, date it needs to be done and a space for the family member’s name next to it. Have each member write their name next to the task they picked or traded. As a backup email the list to everyone.
  7. VENUE SETUP – What needs to be done to organize and clean the venue, set the table, prepare rooms for guests, etc.
  8. VENUE BREAKDOWN – Who will help with cleanup? HINT: This is where the teens can get involved.
  • Clothes and Toiletries list
  • Essentials – tickets, passports, credit card, cash
  • Electronic list – chargers, computer, phone, tablets
  • Entertainment list – books, coloring books, drawing tools, magazine
  • Car packing list – cooler, blankets, suitcases, etc.
  • Airplane list – lite travel wrap for cool airplanes, Vitamin C, snacks
  • House List – closing it up while you are gone – what needs to be cancelled and turned off?

Let me know how this works out for you.  Wishing you and your family and wonderful and Happy Holiday!

To your success!


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